Kingsbridge Healthcare Finance, a Division of Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC, is dedicated exclusively to the medical marketplace.

We serve healthcare providers nationwide by delivering consistently superior lease/finance products coupled with knowledgeable, responsive and flexible services. Developing long term relationships is at the core of the Kingsbridge Company. We will make new technology more affordable by maximizing the utilization of the asset while minimizing its cost. With Kingsbridge you get ultimate purchasing power at the “point of sale” with certainty and no surprises. Medical should be healthcare marketplace.

Kingsbridge Healthcare Finance also has experience in the global medical marketplace, industry relationships, and speed of service to assure customers peace of mind in securing the best solution for previously used medical equipment. Whether you are buying or selling medical equipment, we have the global medical marketplace experience, industry knowledge, and speed of service to deliver accurate assessments at competitive prices. With a team that includes technology experts and financial pros, we can complete transactions quicker than other leasing firms while maintaining the accuracy and flexibility you need along the way.